Best Physiotherapy Treatment In Noida


Orthopedic Rehabilitation

Ortho physiotherapy deals with the treatment of musculoskeletal injuries and conditions such as those associated with muscle strain, sports injuries, surgical recovery or arthritis. Treatment is usually performed in an outpatient clinical setting. Orthopedic physical therapists diagnose, manage, and treat disorders and injuries of the musculoskeletal system including rehabilitation after orthopaedic surgery.Joint and spine mobilization/manipulation, therapeutic exercise, neuromuscular reducation, hot/cold packs, and electrical muscle stimulation (e.g., cryotherapy, iontophoresis, electrotherapy) are modalities often used to expedite recovery in the orthopedic setting. Additionally, an emerging adjunct to diagnosis and treatment is the use of sonography for diagnosis and to guide treatments such as muscle retraining. Those who have suffered injury or disease affecting the muscles, bones, ligaments, or tendons will benefit from assessment by a physical therapist specialized in orthopedics.
Back pain, Neck pain, Knee pain, Shoulder, Headache, Heel pain, Muscle pain, Sciatica

Best Neuro Physiotherapist in Delhi

Neurological Physiotherapy aims to provide an improved understanding of problems commonly encountered by the therapist working with people with neurological disability. It describes aspects of posture and movement difficulties which may occur as a result of neurological damage and gives guidance to help the therapist to plan the appropriate treatment program for each patient. Using a problem-solving approach the emphasis is on the identification of symptoms in relation to impairment and disability rather than on a detailed description of neurological conditions. Neurological physiotherapy is the treatment of patients who have a neurological disorder. Neurological disorders are those affecting the brain, spinal cord and nerves; such as stroke, MS and Parkinson’s disease.
Tumors in brain & spinal cord, GBS, Multiple sclerosis, Vestibular dysfunction, Peripheral neruropathy, Stroke, Head injury, Spinal cord injury, Parkinson's disease


Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation

Cardiopulmonary physiotherapists work with patients in a variety of settings. They treat acute problems like asthma, acute chest infections and trauma; they are involved in the preparation and recovery of patients from major surgery; they also treat a wide range of chronic cardiac and respiratory conditions like Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD), cystic fibrosis (CF) and post-myocardial infarction (MI). They work with all ages from premature babies to older adults at the end of their life. Physiotherapists are pioneering new management techniques for non-organic respiratory problems like hyperventilation and other stress-related disorders as well as leading the development of cardio-pulmonary rehabilitation and non-invasive ventilation. Cardiopulmonary physiotherapists use physical modalities to treat people. This may involve using manual techniques to clear infected mucus from a person’s chest, or using non-invasive ventilation to help a person breathe, or prescribing exercises to improve a patient’s functional exercise capacity.

Pediatric Rehabilitation

This service caters for children and young people who have physical difficulties including movement, gait, development and respiratory disorders. Paediatric physiotherapy involves rehabilitation of babies and children with neurological conditions. We have experienced paediatric physiotherapists who will provide specialised physiotherapy treatment for children aged between 0 and 18 years that have difficulty with their physical development. Our paediatric physiotherapists treat children with neurological and developmental problems.

Pediatric Rehabilitation

Geriatric Rehabilitation

Geriatric physiotherapy helps those affected by such problems by developing a specialized program to help restore mobility, increase fitness levels and more. Ortho Neuro Physio offers home based physiotherapy services upon request. Whether you have just fractured your hip, had a knee replacement or experiencing difficulty walking, our therapists will perform an independent assessment and develop a program to optimize your independence and minimize your pain. Geriatric population is the most neglected population in our society. The active & energetic person of one time becomes lonely & neglected after certain age. They are made to exercise in a group. The exercises include exercises for preventing Knee pain, Back pain, Neck pain, Shoulder pain, Balance training, Cardiopulmonary Conditioning, Ergonomics, Life style modification, Pranayama, Relaxation & entertainment as well. This one hour a day becomes very refreshing & recreative for them in addition to providing many health related benefits. It helps them to age gracefully. Geriatric physical therapy is a proven means for older seniors from every level of physical ability to improve their strength, physical fitness, balance and also to build confidence in order for them to function independently. Geriatric physical therapy also plays an important role in improving mobility and overall fitness. All of these are factors which older seniors suffering from Cancer, Arthritis and Alzheimer’s disease may benefit from, contributing to their physical abilities and helping them to maintain their independence for longer periods of time.